Norris's Main View

Norris’s is a family owned and operated business for over 40 years. We offer live bait, tackle, fishing gear, boat rentals, hunting gear and apparel and much more.

Our Little shop started in the basement of our home in 1980 where we stocked a few fishing lures and had a tank with live bait.  We were open 24 hours a day.  Customers could come to get their bait at any time by ringing a bell for service. This was a great option for the local fishing guides as well as our US friends visiting the Westport area. Back then it was normal to get up and get out fishing as early as possible! Seeing 4am on the alarm clock was a regular occurrence!

Rental Boats

As our business grew in the early 90’s, we built onto our home (formally the Bell School House), now offering a larger selection of live bait and tackle. We also started offering fishing boat rentals at this time.  The rentals portion of our business ended up becoming a very popular option for folks cottaging in the area so we expanded our fleet to offer pontoon boats and canoe rentals as well.

The Big Bass Sign

Once we hit the year 2000, our business was ready to expand again! We added on another addition to offer a selection of hunting supplies and outdoor apparel.  This was also the year we built “The Big Bass” landmark.  This 12 foot fish was constructed by over 2,000 beverage cans that were cut and painted to create the scales.  This adventure couldn’t have been accomplished without the help from family and their children, neighbours and friends. Taking over six months to complete, the fish still hangs today, along with “The Big Lure” which was added in 2016.

Shop view of fishing rods and tackle

As our family grew along with our business we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many people from near and far. These people continue the family feel as they return to Norris’s year after year.

We have live bait available many mornings for your fishing needs. We also have a wide selection of alternative baits to customize your fishing experience and to put you on the hunt for the perfect catch. If you need help getting out on the water, we have a wide selection of fishing and pontoon boats, along with our canoes and kayaks we have for rent, available by day, weekend or week. Please contact us a 613-273-6462 or email us at dayna@norrisoutdoors.ca and we’ll get you hooked up 🎣  🚤  🦌

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